With Neologis Medical, you extract more value from your current equipment. We offer personalized service plans, backed by qualified personnel and fast support. We ensure the optimal functioning of medical equipment, reducing maintenance costs and avoiding unwanted downtime. Invest in our services to maximize the efficiency and performance of your medical equipment.


At Neologis Medical, we understand that focusing on the essential aspects of your medical practice is a priority. That's why our experts provide reliable consultation for the procurement of medical software and hardware. Whether you're looking to invest in new equipment, upgrade your existing infrastructure, or implement RIS and/or PACS systems, we are here to guide you to the best solution. With extensive industry experience and a diverse range of options, we ensure that your investment will be well-placed. Make the right choice and rely on us for your success in the medical field.

Equipment integration

We provide installation, putting into operation and calibration of the equipment purchased. In order to use the purchased equipment at its full capacity, we integrate it in your existent modality network and/or RIS/PACS environment and do the training for your operators.

Technical Support and Maintenance

Through our immediate intervention during the warranty and after warranty period, we provide technical support and maintenance services for the delivered equipment, in order to maintain functioning within optimum parameters for the duration of use.
Our services are provided by our team of young and dynamic service engineers, who are certified and regularly trained by the manufacturers. Our team is specialized in choosing the right equipment, doing the installation and train the operators. Service and calibration is done in accordance with the regulations in force of CNCAN and the National Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices in Romania.